A great deal of primary and secondary research has been conducted by Hartland Hotel Group principals on hotel customer preferences. This research has informed the designs of over70 hotels where its validity was tested and refined. Fashions change over time and interior design concepts need to be responsive, but the basic functionality of the hotel never goes out of style. It makes the hotels easier to operate, they become more profitable and at the time of sale, the new owner does not feel compelled to fix it. All of which leads to a higher sales price. Once the functionality is established, the hotel’s decor and its restaurant and bar concepts and other amenities need to be relevant to the target customer. This also requires research with the recognition that the shelf-life of this aspect might only be 5-7 years.

The proof that Hartland’s informed architectural and interior design process works can be seen in the many industry awards and public recognition that their hotels have achieved. Examples include: Gold Key Award, both Overall and Lobby (top awards)- Interior Design Magazine 2008 (Liberty Hotel); Number 1 Geek Hotel in the World - Wired Magazine 2008 (Hotel Sax); Best Artistic Lighting – Industrial Lighting Association 2007 (Hyatt - Mission Bay); and Conde Nast Hot 100 Hotels - multiple properties and years (ZaZa Hotel, Dallas; Hotel Sax, Chicago, W Hotel – San Diego; W Hotel – Union Square; Liberty Hotel, Boston). In addition to the preceding, the Liberty Hotel in Boston was also recognized as: Top 25 Sexiest Hotels in the World – Fortune Magazine; Top 50 Business Hotel in the US – Forbes Magazine; Top Hotel Suites (First Place) – Elite Traveler Magazine; 2008 Modernization Awards: Grand Prize – Buildings Magazine; Award of Excellence – Urban Land Institute.