On a combined basis, the Principals for Hartland have played a leading role in either building new or heavily renovating over 70 iconic hotels, having a collective construction value of approximately $3.5 billion. These hotels are located throughout North America and 6 Caribbean Islands.

In each case, the building permit process had to be successfully navigated, local construction teams assembled and a lodging concept created that was competitively advantaged and appropriate for that market at that moment in time. In some cases, we used the same people or companies on multiple projects. However, in most situations the project teams were brought together for the first time because the local people/companies had important information about the property, and/or because of community sensitivities, or because the new team members had added value to the opportunity prior to our arrival. Working with mostly new project teams each time required a heightened level of communication and leadership at the owner/developer level in order to achieve a successful outcome. One of the byproducts of this experience has been the ability to construction or renovate a hotel in a much shorter period of time than most companies are able to do given a comparable scope of work (Compressed Build). This lowers the cost of the construction as well as the other costs that are time dependent, like accrued interest, real estate taxes, insurance premiums and general development overhead. Equally important, it shortens the time it takes to get the hotel open to the public, a significant advantage in competitive markets.